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Get Better Manufacturing Throughput Without Additional Labor or Equipment

Achieve sustainable gains from your manufacturing operations while attracting and retaining a great workforce – quickly, easily, and guaranteed!

ProdoTrak™: Your Guide to Production Efficiency, Profitability, and an Engaged Workforce

ProdoTrak™ is the smart manufacturing platform that makes performance gains sustainable by providing visibility of your operation’s performance from the Shop Floor to the Top Floor. Bottlenecks are uncovered, objective data is delivered across the organization, and data-driven decision-making replaces gutfeel. Quick wins build momentum and the organization aligns and collaborates. 

Check out the videos below to learn more from some of our customers as they talk about ProdoTrak™ implementation, results achieved, employee buy-in, and sustainable cultural change.  

VP Operations & Supply Chain

Jim B.

Major Food Processing Company 

Plant Manager

Cliff S.

Wet Manufacturing Plant (e.g. sauces, etc.)

Your Manufacturing

Challenges are Unique

Manufacturing profitability hinges on production efficiency, downtime reduction, supply chain optimization, employee retention, data transparency, and continuous improvement, among others. These are common issues. But the nuances of your operation are unique. ProdoTrak™ addresses these issues head-on based on your specific needs, timing, and budget. The result is a low cost, low risk, guaranteed approach that combines industry-leading manufacturing software with the expertise to assess, prioritize and address your unique needs. 

Low Profitability

 Guaranteed* manufacturing throughput increase, sustainable gains, and end-to-end production management.

Employee Attraction & Retention

Build engagement and commitment through ’employee voice’, shared objectives, and communication.

Slow Digital Transformation

Low risk, high impact, modular solution enables quick wins to build confidence and momentum.

Reactive Culture

Define, prioritize, and take the right actions by developing a ‘common language’ and relevant protocols to achieve the greatest impact.

Lack of Trusted Data

Solve the root cause of downtime and performance issues by collecting and analyzing your operational and mechanical data.

* Guaranteed! Your throughput will be increased or we will refund your implementation fee.

(Under a mutually-executed contract)

What You Get With ProdoTrak™

ProdoTrak™ is not just another operations management tool. It comes with multiple features to ensure your company achieves smooth operations with better return on investment.

  • Simple and Flexible, Device Agnostic Data Collection
  • Downtime and Efficiency Tracking
  • Operational in Less than 30 Days
  • Easy Installation: No New Hardware is Required
  • Guaranteed Performance Improvement
  • Exception Reporting
  • Plant Scorecard
  • Support with Operations Experts

How ProdoTrak™ Benefits Your Business

With ProdoTrak™ you can manage your business operations more efficiently and achieve better profitability.

  • Improved Team Collaboration
  • Objective Data Analysis
  • Rapid Results and Quick Wins
  • Quick Implementation, Realtime Feedback
  • Insights to Make Informed Decisions
  • Sustainable Improvements
  • Manufacturing Business Expertise + Technology
  • Get Results, or You Don’t Pay

Continuous Improvement Simplified

Strategic Performance Company will provide you with the visibility and insights you need to make smart manufacturing decisions throughout your organization—from the front line to the front office. The melding of people, culture, and technology facilitates the Continuous Improvement process to produce sustainable gains for your company. We work closely with you during and after the implementation process to get you fully operational within 30 days to achieve the sustainable profits you are aiming for.

A Glimpse into the Implementation Process

Define data collection and analysis framework

Training on structured meeting and planning processes

Collaborate with plant champion to drive gains

Enhance the system based on the dynamics of your environment

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